Systems & Enterprise Engineering

InnoVest is a leader in the application of systems engineering across a wide array of large-scale system development and acquisition programs used by government and industry.

At InnoVest, we provide comprehensive and cost-effective support in technology and business operations for system engineering solution development. We design, build, test and manage systems and solutions to meet client mission objectives. Our engineering services address a range of issues common to most system life-cycles, from determining mission needs, to development, fielding, and operational support.

The complexity that the government and industry face in their systems and enterprises is a consequence of the interdependencies that arise when many systems are networked to achieve a collaborative advantage. To resolve this complexity, InnoVest provides a spectrum of systems engineering techniques. When networked systems are individually adapting to rapid technology and mission changes, the environment becomes unpredictable. Systems engineering success depends on the ability to adapt not only the individual systems, but the network of constantly changing systems.

Our systems engineering practice has capability in architecture development, requirements definition, strategic planning, system integration, and risk analysis. By focusing on our customers’ needs, we are able to provide solutions to their most complex challenges.

Our enterprise engineering experts use techniques to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes. We provide skills and comprehensive services needed for designing strategies tailored to the instability of user requirements and enabling technologies. Enterprise engineering is not a replacement for traditional systems engineering and that's why InnoVest uses both disciplines in combination to achieve success.

InnoVest enables its clients to achieve agency mission by creating strong alignment between IT infrastructure and business processes. We provide:

  • Reliable architecture
  • High availability
  • Reduced deployment times
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Project cost control

InnoVest accomplishes this by offering four (4) enterprise-wide services:

  • Infrastructure Engineering - InnoVest Infrastructure Engineering solutions are flexible and designed to IT architecture.
  • Systems Integration (SI) - InnoVest SI solutions are agency-wide hardware and software integration.
  • Systems Deployment & Implementation - We provide world-class talent, proven management, and technical processes to manage the most complex projects—from concept through deployment.
  • Enterprise Operations - InnoVest provides ongoing management for systems and networks