Security Assessment and Compliance

InnoVest provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for a comprehensive, independent and objective analysis. Our consultants simulate real-world attacks against your organization's technology infrastructure. They also identify vulnerabilities to your network infrastructure and develop a remediation action plan tailored to your unique business requirements and security needs.

The assessment results is used to create a framework for security measurement and recommendations. ISO 17799 has emerged as the most widely recognized information security standard. InnoVest uses benchmark which combines the value proposition of ISO 17799 with the well accepted Security Capability Maturity Model, based upon COBIT. This allows us to map your organization's current and goal states to ISO 17799 using CMM as the yardstick. Our deliverable includes provides a comprehensive report, including a "dashboard" of compliance achievements and gaps, maturity stages, and severity. InnoVest makes specific recommendations which:

 Are aligned with the overall security architecture
 Are compliant with regulatory, legal, and policy drivers
 Are validated for consensus with key stakeholders
 Estimate the risk reduction cost
 Take into consideration client risk profile

Solution Benefits

 Independent and objective security baseline
 Validation against relevant best practices of:
1. Security controls
2. Processes
3. Organizational security program management
 Accelerates security program sponsorship and funding by providing a summary dashboard and executive analysis

Services Summary

 ISO 17799 Security Benchmark
 Penetration Testing
 Security Vulnerability Assessment