Program Management

Trying to understand and manage client requirements and projects is a phenomenally complex task. While attempts to better understand our clients are necessary elements of any business strategy, they demand the input of the entire organization. Without Program Management principles to guide this effort, you're unlikely to get the results you need.

InnoVest best practices and domain expertise combines with top of the line industry experts enable us to enhance client efficiency for critical IT programs. Our services are:

  • Acquisition Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Program Management
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Case Management

InnoVest establishes a value driven Program Management Office (PMO), which revolves around the needs and motivations of the customer. Our value-driven PMO excel at the following essential tasks:

  • Implementing, overseeing and enforcing management methodologies
  • Balancing the strategic and technological mix
  • Developing intervention strategies for project issues
  • Prioritizing the project tasks
  • Providing executives with decision support tools
  • Reducing project cycle times
  • Tracking and reporting progress

We have integrated our Program Management services with our process operations, technology delivery and organizational change services. Our program management capabilities emphasize in client's Program Management. With InnoVest help, our clients implement enterprise-wide initiatives designed to optimize efficiency, ensure successful delivery and drive lasting value.