IV&V Solutions and Services

InnoVest specializes in helping our Clients select, prepare for, and implement software projects for mission critical projects. Our experts provide targeted IV&V professional services and will work closely with the Client project management team to identify areas of opportunity to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of the ERP implementation. Our ERP project team lead all of our client engagements from the customer perspective. We know how to implement ERP and our expertise lie in our ability to monitor project’s progress and evaluate the different team members and their roles, responsibilities and project deliverables and make targeted recommendations as needed. For more information, please review our IV&V Qualification Statement.

We believe it is imperative to implement an IV&V strategy early in the project lifecycle and setup a process that allows us to identify risks before their impact is too costly. Because we are experts at managing ERP implementations we fully recognize that it is too expensive to provide IV&V services on everything. We know what areas are often the most likely to cause issues and we help our customers target specific areas of their implementation based on lessons learned and best practices.

Approach to Delivering IV&V Services

The goal of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is to ensure the intended outcome and work product of a project meets the client specifications. Our IV&V implementation methodology ensures that the project progress is according to the plan. InnoVest Verification is the process of ensuring the accuracy of a project based on written specifications and requirements. Our Validation is our certification at the end of the audit or review that states our findings. Being independent provides distance from the project that allows for increased objectivity. Our IV&V high-level outline of the process includes:

  • An in-depth review of the project documents (statement of Work (SOW), business case justification, selection criteria)
  • A review of project status documents, meeting minutes, etc.
  • A review of the various planning documents (project plan, communication plan, risk management information, regulatory compliance plans, test plans and acceptance criteria, etc.)
  • Interviews with the project sponsor, stakeholders, and various team members
  • A review of the deliverables