IT Management Services

InnoVest with many years of experience, addresses the following six areas in IT Management:

Infrastructure We offer the following solutions and services:

Strategy and Roadmap - InnoVest Consulting Services can help you develop a strategic technology plan that scales to support the growing business needs. 

Architecture and Integration – Infrastructures are increasingly complex and multi-vendor, which requires an integrated architectural solutions and detail migration plan. InnoVest Consulting provides optimal solution that we integrate seamlessly with legacy network investment. 

Assessment and Optimization – InnoVest provides network capacity and availability analysis, re-engineering and evaluation services.

Data, Voice, and Video Convergence - Our Convergence & Contact Center portfolio offers the following types of services:

Data, Voice, and Video Strategy – InnoVest provides merging voice, data, and video onto a single IP infrastructure. Our solutions are aligned with your business strategy and requirements, and are supported by sound financial analysis to ensure senior management buy-in. 

Project Assessment – InnoVest Data, Voice, and Video integrated solution services assist in preparation for the convergence of voice and video over IP network by addressing requirements of network capacity, reliability, security, and operations. 

Integration - Technologies such as IP Telephony, Video over IP and IP-based Contact Center solutions require extensive knowledge and experience with both traditional communications and next generation IP services. From network and QoS design, to dial planning, security and IVR scripting, we have the design and integration expertise. 

Optimization - Contact Centers have to maximize efficiencies without impairing the customer experience. InnoVest Consulting Solutions can help you with a strategic optimization which addresses requirements for performance, load balancing, business process, and the supporting voice and data infrastructure.

Data Center – InnoVest offers the following Data Center solutions and services.

Assessment - New applications and operational demand stress the data center resources, eventually diminishing the effectiveness of core resources and putting service delivery, maintenance, and operations at risk. InnoVest provides assessment services that analyses baseline environment prior to new build-outs and/or consolidations. We address the compliance and Business Continuity (BC) / Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements. 

Integration - InnoVest Consulting provides a range of life cycle expertise in support of LAN/WAN, convergence, server and operating systems, security, and data center operations. We meet and exceed availability, reliability, and performance requirements.

Relocation and Consolidation - Driven by mandates for cost savings, business growth, or Business Continuity, these types of data center projects have aggressive timelines with little to no margin for error. InnoVest augments client project team, or lead the effort in the planning and execution of a data center relocation and/or consolidation.

Enterprise Operating SystemsInnoVest maximizes productivity through messaging and unified communications, as well as optimize the server infrastructure. We provide:

Unified Communications - New and enhanced productivity applications are changing the way enterprises communicate both within the office and out in the field. These applications include email, text and instant messaging, web and video conferencing, presence and collaboration. InnoVest solutions empower the office, mobile and remote workers. 

Virtualization – InnoVest client Enterprises are using consolidation ratios, operational process improvements, and desktop virtualization to realize full virtualization benefits. We have extensive virtualization experience, coupled with expertise in design and deployment of virtual desktop infrastructures. Our experience allows clients to derive the greatest benefit from their virtual infrastructure while adhering to their requirements.

Enterprise Directory - The multitude of usernames and passwords required by corporate applications, messaging, and directory services systems is not just a burden on end users, but also makes new technology initiatives difficult to integrate. Our Enterprise Directory expertise allows us to quickly design and implement secure and right-sized solution.

Enterprise Messaging - Key issues such as cost performance, M&A, and compliance are driving organizations to update or consolidate their messaging infrastructure. InnoVest provides life cycle offerings to enhance the productivity of distributed workforce, as well as the application security.

Identity and Access Management - The proliferation of passwords and unique application sign-on requirements is common in today's enterprise. What is needed is a method for effective user authentication and authorization, and streamlined processes for provisioning and de-provisioning access for both employees and external partners.

Network and Systems Operations Management InnoVest provides solutions addressing the technology, process, and staffing needs for infrastructure management. We provide:

Strategy and Roadmap – InnoVest provides balance of organizational, process, and technology initiatives. We validate your operations approaches against industry best practices, and developing specific and tangible steps to improve both its effectiveness and efficiency. 

Integration - Enterprise management technology represents a significant IT capital investment but is often highly underutilized from years of ad-hoc procurement and silo-driven requirements. Our experience with the leading toolsets and process frameworks such as ITIL can help you achieve end-to-end visibility into your network, systems, and applications infrastructure.

Security InnoVest provides Secure Network Integration (FW/IDS/IPS), Compliance, Assessments, Policy, and Strategy. We provide our clients:

Strategy – InnoVest does not provide Security product, we provide integration and improvement of solutions and process based upon industry standards, proven methodology, and best practices. We help you chart a course of specific security goals which effectively balance risk, costs, and business benefits.

Architecture and Integration - Over time, the network and systems security infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and fragmented due to growth and change. We develop a cohesive security architecture which can be deployed and integrated in an adaptive and iterative lifecycle manner.

Assessment and Compliance – InnoVest offers a suite of assessment services to establish client baseline, and provides a remediation framework which utilizes recognized standards.