Data Center Assessment

InnoVest provide best practices, workable solutions, and piece of mind for clients that operate their own data center. Our Assessment service determines the data center addresses as well as anticipated business requirements. The client data center may be within enterprise, or operated by a third party hosting, or disaster recovery. During a typical engagement, InnoVest reviews and assesses:

 Business drivers
 Operational Processes and practices
 IT Services
 Infrastructure analysis in three key categories:
    1. Fire suppression
    2. HVAC
    3. Location and construction considerations
    4. Network & server infrastructure
    5. Physical plant & environmental
    6. Power
    7. Security

InnoVest provides data center build versus buy analysis. The project deliverable identifies the risks and gaps in the environment and readiness for new services, and the level of assurance that the center can support the business requirements.

Solution Benefits

 Availability improvement
 Clients understanding with regards to data center mission support capability
 Ensures operation and maintenance service level
 Risks mitigation prior to new applications deployment
 Validates requirements

Services Summary

 Data Center Capabilities Assessment