Data Center Architecture and Integration

InnoVest provides technology and process required to ensure data center availability, reliability, and performance. Our Data Center Architecture and Integration services provide data center Planning, Design, Integration, and Optimization. Our typical areas of focus include:

  • Convergence Infrastructure—reviewing how voice, video and contact center services will be provided from the data center and in accordance with Business Continuity and disaster recovery requirements.
  • LAN / WAN Infrastructure — providing a robust network design which ensures high availability and access to remote sites.
  • Maximizes cost effectiveness while ensuring priority access to mission critical data as well as real-time applications such as voice and video.
  • Operations Management — ensuring enterprise wide capability for monitoring and managing data center traffic and assets using the optimal people, process, and technology resources.
  • Security — assessing the risks and devising a secure technology architecture and policy framework which balances those risks with the expected benefits and cost to implement
  • Server and Operating Systems — providing scalable architectures for centralized enterprise directory, identity, and messaging services, and secure remote access to all data center applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Accelerates time-to-market for new application deployments
  • Alignment of IT investment with business imperatives
  • Application availability and performance
  • Ensures process coverage and effectiveness
  • Integration for management and operations
  • Reduces deployment and migration risks by leveraging best practices