Technology and Communication

Leading telecom services providers have increased customer loyalty and reduced operational cost by delivering self-service, OSS, e-billing solutions and more.

The Communications sector is rich with opportunities and challenges. Providers and sector leaders are struggling to remain profitable in the midst of global competition and overcapacity by reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies. At the same time, they want to deliver innovative revenue-generating products and services to maintain their competitive edge.

InnoVest and our partners have experience in assisting Communications companies manage such trade-offs effectively. Our solutions have helped both products and services companies in this industry protect their existing technology investments, reduce cost, and rapidly deliver innovative and profitable products and services. Here are some of the benefits gained by our clients:

 Convergent Billing – Design, build and integrate e-billing solutions into core business processes
 Operational Efficiencies - Develop solutions to reduce operational and capital expense
 Self-Service Solutions - Create innovative solutions to acquire, retain and grow loyal customers
 Rationalization - Consolidate and harvest existing systems and assets while modernizing the infrastructure

InnoVest provides the following Communications solutions:

 Call Center Management
 Customer Care and Billing
 eCRM and Portals
 Electronic Bill Payment
 Fraud Detection Systems
 Provisioning